St Louis The Draft 2017 Gala!

Mark Your Calendars for the 2017 Gala!

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Our annual gala is the school’s largest fundraiser in the spring. This year’s gala is Saturday, April 29th in the Msgr. Deering Center in Reicher Catholic High School. The theme this year is “The Draft” We will feature the Fenix Theory band. This is a wonderful evening of food, fun and fellowship with parents, faculty and staff.



 Volunteers are still needed and always appreciated! There are several committees who need chairs and assistance. Solicitation, decorations, set-up, and food/beverage are some examples. If you are interested in helping with the gala, please feel free to call/email the school office 54-754-2041 or



Monetary support of this event is crucial to the success of this event. There are a variety of gala costs that if underwritten will ensure the success of our gala. Examples of these costs for your consideration are:

Entertainment (Live Band)

Catering (Food and Beverage)

Printing and Marketing (Ads/Catalog and Signage)


Audible/Silent Auction Items


Gala Class Projects and Baskets

Once again each grade will be responsible for a class basket and class project. Please consider leading your child’s grade in this important part of our gala when the chairs reach out for volunteers.

If you are able to volunteer to do the project and need assistance, please feel free to contact Miss Leos in our art room. She has stated that she is willing to assist with the projects during the student’s art time, she just needs to know far enough in advance to incorporate it into her lesson plans.


Gala Solicitations

Solicitations for this year’s auction are being accepted! Donations from businesses, for services and items will be greatly appreciated!


Friends & Family Wine Cellar

One of the most exciting traditions of the St. Louis Gala has become the family and friends wine cellar.  Please consider donating a bottle (or two!) of your favorite wine to this audible auction item.  You may drop off your wine in the office.



Below are ways you can get involved:

 1) Everyone knows somebody who knows somebody who has a connection to what is sure to help make this year’s Gala a wonderful and successful event. Timeshares, parties on houseboats, weekend getaways, and tickets to sporting events, tickets to concerts, unique dining experiences, hunting trips, newest and hottest electronics are some of the items that are on the Gala Committee’s wish list of items to secure for the silent and audible auction. You can showcase your favorite restaurants, spas, or salons by donating a gift certificate.

2) If you own your own business, please considering donating an item or service.

3) If you work at a business, please ask your employer to donate an item or service.

4) Participate as an underwriter by making a cash donation to help defray the expenses of the Gala such as the band, the evening meal, etc…

5) Participate as a table sponsor. Information about how to sponsor a table will be included in the invitation, but if you would like to know before you receive your invitation, please contact us now.

6) Contribute to your child’s class basket. If you haven’t received information about your child’s class basket, please contact the Room Parent for more information. Each class basket will be included in the silent auction.

7) Volunteer to help with your child’s class project. If you haven’t received information about your child’s class project, please contact the Room Parent for more information. Each class project will be included in the audible auction.

8) Volunteer to serve on a Gala Committee. Volunteers are needed to assist the Chairs of the following Committees:

Decorating Committee – need volunteers to help set up and take down decorations

 Auction Display Committee – need volunteers to help set up and take down items for the silent and audible auctions

 Wrap-Up Committee – need volunteers to help clean up after the Gala


9) Contribute your favorite bottle(s) of wine to be included in the wine cellar.

10) Buy a ticket and attend the auction!


Will you join us to make this year’s Gala a wonderful event and to ensure your child is educated in an academic challenging and Christ-oriented environment? Your time, talent and treasure, regardless of the size or type, will make a difference!

If you have any questions or would like to make a donation please contact: 

Thank you!