Request Information about St. Louis School

St. Louis Catholic School is a PK3 through 8th Grade school, and has been blessed with a rich educational heritage that now spans an incredible 50 plus years. During that time, we’ve witnessed generation after generation of outstanding youth grow spiritually, intellectually, and emotionally while students at St. Louis. Although much has changed since 1963, we still remain firmly committed to the faith and academic experiences of our students and community.
As we honor our past, we continue to build on our future. Our faculty continues to lead the way and draw upon over 525 years of total teaching experience. Students receive a well-rounded education that is rooted deeply in faith. Our rigorous curriculum, along with fine arts, athletics, extra curricular activities, and a commitment to the formation of children in faith, mind and body, helps build a strong educational foundation.
Shadow Visits are available to prospective students to visit our school during the regular school day.
Scheduled Visitation Days are also available, please click here  for more information. 
Please feel free to contact our Development Director, Mrs. Becky Chollett, at 254-754-2041 or  with any questions.
Thank you for considering St. Louis Catholic School! 
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