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Registration Information

Welcome to St. Louis Catholic School!
Enrollment for the 2018-19 School year will start in early February
We are so happy you are either considering registering or have made the decision to register your child into our school.
If you would like to request information about St. Louis School, please click here
If you would like to apply online, please click here
If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the office at 254.754.2041 or email
All incoming students must set up a FACTS Tuition Management Account. Click on FACTS and follow the instructions. Please call 1.866.0441.4637 if you have any questions or problems setting up the account.
All tuition assistance will be done online through the FACTS Tuition Management Grant and Aid Program.  Please note that students must be registered and registration fee paid before being considered for any type of tuition assistance.  Please click on the Tuition Assistance Form link from this page for more information and instructions to apply online.
Thank you for choosing St. Louis Catholic School!



All new families will need to complete an online student application and pay a $50 application fee.  Please click  here  to apply online. The following documents are required for new students, they may be brought in to the school office or uploaded during the online enrollment process:  current shot record, birth certificate, social security card, baptismal certificate (Catholic students only), report cards, and standardized tests.  Students enrolling in 3rd – 8th grade will be required to take a placement test.


Once the application has been approved:

REGISTRATION FEE:                   $175 PER FAMILY – payable upon registration


The Educational Resource fee ($450 per student) will be paid once a year – June 28, 2018 through your FACTS account and covers the following items:

*Testing Services                                                 *Fine Arts                                             *Professional Development

*Physical Education/Athletics                              *Copiers                                                *Technology

*Region XII Educational Resources                    *Health and Safety                                *Gala Project/Basket Fee

*Teacher Supplies                                               *Textbooks/Workbooks                          *Library

*Liturgy                                                                *Weekly Periodical Publications            *Field Trips


Tuition will be paid over 11mos with first payment due in July and is payable to FACTS Tuition Management.  You will need to set up a FACTS account immediately upon registration through the school’s website and click on FACTS Tuition icon.


Tuition rate will be set according to family status (contributing St. Louis Parish member. non-parish member, or non-Catholic).  {NOTE:  St. Louis School extends a tuition discount to registered members of the St. Louis parish and to non-St. Louis Parish Catholic families.  Families who contribute a minimum of $600 per calendar year and who participate actively in the life of St. Louis Catholic parish are eligible to receive a discount.  Contributions to the church for the current year will be used to determine eligibility for the tuition discount for the upcoming school year.  1st year families who claim contributing St. Louis Church parish status must contribute a minimum of $300 before the end of December of the first year of claiming such status.}


PARISH RATE:                                        PreK 3&4       $5162 per year ($516 - 10 mos)

                                                                 K - 6               $5043.50 per year ($458.50 - 11 mos)

                                                                 7 - 8                $5629 per year ($512 - 11 mos)


NON-PARISH CATHOLIC RATE:           PreK 3&4        $6250 per year ($625 – 10 mos)

                                                                 K - 6                $6507 per year ($592 – 11 mos)

                                                                 7 - 8                 $7061.50 per year ($642 – 11 mos)


NON-CATHOLIC RATE:                         PreK 3&4        $6600 per year ($660 – 10 mos)

                                                                K – 6                $7167 per year ($652 – 11 mos)

                                                                7 – 8                 $7782.50 per year ($707.50 – 11 mos)




Tuition for the child in the highest grade is the flat rate.  Tuition for the second child is the flat rate for his/her grade bracket minus 30% for parish and non-parish Catholic students and 20% for non-Catholic students.  Tuition for the third child is the flat rate for his/her grade bracket minus 40%.  The 40% discount for the third child applies to all rates.  Tuition for families with more than three children will be determined pending a meeting with the principal.


AFTERSCHOOL CARE: PreK3 - 4th grade afterschool care program is from 3:30PM to 5:30PM.  The program is not provided on days of noon dismissals.  $150 per month per student or $25 per day per student.  Sign up in August.


AUGUST SLPA FEES:  Required SLPA fees (PK-6/$20; 7-8/$25) for activities (ie, class parties and field day) are due and payable in August.  At this time, you will also be able to order PE clothes (4th – 8th graders) and school uniforms as well as sign up for committees to help our St. Louis Parent’s Association (SLPA).


LATE ENROLLMENT: (after May 31st)  Contact school office at (254)754-2041 or  for registration fees and tuition rates.


REFUNDS:  The registration fee is nonrefundable.  The Educational Resource fee ($450 per student) is refundable only if the family moves out of the Greater Waco Area before June 1st and a written request has been received by the school prior to that date.  No refunds will be given after June 1st.  The registration fee will be $300.00 if a student enrolls after January 1st and is non refundable.  Tuition will not be prorated at the time of withdrawal and, if paid annually, only the months following the withdrawal date will be refunded.  Bellmead, Beverly Hills, Bosqueville, China Spring, Crawford, Lacy Lakeview, Lorena, McGregor, Robinson, Speegleville, and Woodway are some of the cities that would be considered to be within the Greater Waco Area.