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Welcome to Computers!
St. Louis School has approximately 75 computers on our network. This includes administration, faculty, library and student computers. All computers have filtered internet access. RenWeb is our school administration software. It is an integrated database that tracks all school information including, our school calendar, student and family demographics, attendance, lesson plans, homework assignments, grades, progress reports and report cards. This information is available online to each parent through a password protected website. Communication with our parents includes, our website ( )  email, phone calls and parent/teacher conferences.
Our computer lab has 25 computers which were updated in the summer of 2011 with new Dell Optiplex 790’s with Windows 7. Microsoft Office 2010 was also installed on each lab computer.
PreK-4 through 6th Grade has computer class once per week. PreK-4 through 3rd grade has a 30 minute class time. 4th grade through 6th grade has a 45 minute class time. PreK4 through 3rd grade will work on age appropriate software. 4th grade through 6th grade will work on their keyboarding using Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing, and work on age appropriate software and also computer projects integrated into the core curriculum.
Junior High have shared computer times and come with a core class and teacher for specific class assignments or projects.
The 7th grade will take a required Computer Literacy Elective for one semester. We will cover computer basic terminology, history of computers, and the binary system, Microsoft Word, Excel, Publisher and Power Point. If time allows, a Movie Maker project will be created by students.  
Please feel free to call our office at 754-2041 during regular school hours or email  to answer any questions you may have about St. Louis School.