Music Information


Come and Sing with the Choir!


When/Where: Practice is on select Thursday afternoons that will be marked on the school calendar. We will meet from 3:30-4:30pm in the MUSIC room location.  Room 211 is located to the left as you walk in the school from the blacktop doors.  Pick up will be in the BLACK TOP of the school at 4:00pm. Please park so you can come and sign your child out. Please do not come into the building.  Text or call me if you are running late. If someone else is taking your child home that day, please send a note, or add them to the Info card.


Information card: Please fill out the information card and return to me ASAP.

Since we will be dismissing from the blacktop, I will not have the Emergency School cards to call you if you are late picking up your child.



Communication: I am trying something new this year. In order to conserve paper, I would like to send communications through text and/or email. Please let me know if that is not possible. I have also created an online/AP for our music calendar. It is a free AP on your iPhone and android cell phone. It can also be accessed online on any computer. The name of the AP is Teamup and the access code is ks9a56e5a4e2759026. Here is the computer link:

   This should eliminated having to call the office to check if it is a choir day J  Please do not worry if you cannot log in,  I am still working on that part.



Snack: A light snack of cookies/crackers will be offered with water. I always welcome any snack donations. There are usually about 30 children. Your child can just drop it by the music room at the start of the day or bring it with them after school. I do not allow any sodas in the music room. PLEASE let me know if your child has a food allergy.



Behavior: I expect the students to be polite, cooperative and respectful during Mass and practice. This may sound silly, but I expect them to SING.



T-shirts: We will ORDER NEW choir t-shirts this year.   I will send more information at a later date.


Choir Festival/Fund Raising: The choir MAY take a trip to Austin for the Diocesan Choir Festival at Holy Family School. We would like to charter a bus this year. Last year we raised money by opening St. Cecilia’s Store. I would love to try this again. Please let me know if you have any other ideas. (like not do fundraising and pay $25 per student



Ministry: We sing at ALL St. Louis Masses Fridays and Holy Days, and other special events.  The students will sit with the choir instead of their class. THIS YEAR WE WILL BE SINGING FROM THE UPSTAIRS CHOIR LOFT. The stairs may be found on the right side of the lobby as you enter the church.  Backpacks can be dropped off at school ahead of time or placed neatly on the wall BEFORE they go upstairs.


Questions: call, text or email me   (254)744-9299


I am looking forward to a great year praising God with song!!



Mrs. Marroquin

 Inspired By Christ!