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Welcome to Spanish!
 Elementary and High School credit courses are taught.
Spanish I is taught to the students wishing to start their high school foreign language credits.
 Elementary students learn basic vocabulary.
 8th grade students have the same Spanish I course as taught at the high school level.
Great communication with parents. To keep parents updated on their student’s progress, parents are able to access daily grades, homework assignments, lesson plans, report cards, attendance information and the school calendar of events all online. In addition to our online options, e-mail, phone calls, and parent/teacher conferences, are also available.
 An extremely positive and caring environment within the classroom based on love and concern for each individual student.
 Numerous opportunities to involve students totally in learning through the use of music and art projects.
Please feel free to call our office at 754-2041 during regular school hours or e-mail at  to answer any questions you may have or to schedule a time to come and visit us.