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St. Louis Catholic School operates on a nine-week grade reporting schedule. Parents of all students will receive report cards at the end of each nine-week grading period. The grading scale used for reporting grades is as follows:
A: 100 - 93
B: 92 - 85
C: 84 - 77
D: 76 - 70
F: 69 and below
Nine-Week Averages - Grades 1 - 8
In averaging grades for each reporting period, the following formula shall be used in all subject areas, with the exception of Physical Education classes and the Fine Arts:
1. Daily work = 50% of grade.
2. Major assignments and/or tests = 50% of grade.
The faculty of St. Louis Catholic School attempts to meet the needs of all students, recognizing that each student is a unique individual. We recognize that there are certain skills to be mastered in each phase of learning. For this reason, a student who has not mastered certain skills may not be allowed to advance.
In grades 1-6, a student shall attain an overall average of 70 or above for the year. The overall average is calculated using the final numerical grade for language arts, math, social studies, science and religion. Additionally, a student must attain an average of 70 or above in math and in reading/language arts.
In grades 7 and 8, a student shall attain an overall average of 70 or above for the year in all core courses taken. Students shall, in addition, attain an average of 70 or above in FOUR of the following core subjects: language arts, math, social studies, science, and religion.
Any student who fails two consecutive years at St. Louis cannot be readmitted to St. Louis School.
Junior High Service Hours – Junior High students will perform at least 10 service hours to the church, school, community or individuals in need. These hours must be before or after school hours. All of the hours must be supervised and certified by an adult. The service hours should not be for a relative or a for-profit business. Extra hours from the 7th grade will not carry over to the 8th grade. 7th grade begins upon promotion to the 7th grade. 8th grade begins upon promotion to the 8th grade. Further information is available on our website: 
*Algebra (grade 8) - for students who meet the following criteria:
1. An 85 average grade in seventh grade math
2. Teacher recommendation
3. 85th percentile in Total Math on Iowa Test
1. All students in grades 3-8 are required to have a St. Louis Catholic School assignment notebook. These assignment books are to be taken to each class and should always be up-to-date. Parents should always check their child's assignment book to see if the child has homework.
2. Students in grades 1-8 should expect some homework on most nights.
3. When homework is assigned, the teacher expects it to be done and to be handed in when due. If assignments and homework are not turned in when due, the teacher will deduct points as appropriate for each grade level.
4. Assignments are given to students, not parents. Parents may need to help; however, the finished product should be the student's work and will be graded accordingly.
The National Junior Honor Society exists to create enthusiasm for scholarship, to promote leadership, and to develop character. To qualify, a seventh or eighth grade student must have been in St. Louis Catholic School one semester and must have an overall average of 89.5 in the five major subjects of math, science, history, English, and religion. In addition to the scholastic requirements, a student must demonstrate leadership, service, and character. The principal and junior high teachers will monitor membership selection.